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We are a Psychiatric private practice dedicated to provide the best evidence based psychopharmacology and/or psychotherapy treatment of mental health conditions to children, adolescents, and young adults in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

In Balanced Minds we use the bio-psycho- social model approach of mental disorders. This means that we take into consideration for your evaluation and treatment all biological, psychological and social factors that may be contributing to your or your child’s well-being or mental health condition.

In Balanced Minds, the patient/physician relationship is based on a high quality collaborative effort of emphatic listening with mutual respect, trust, and confidentiality, within a private and comfortable environment.

For us, it is especially important to emphasize on education about psychiatric conditions. This helps you as a patient or caretaker to better
understand these conditions and needs.

We make our utmost effort to coordinate your or your child’s care with your primary care doctor, therapist, school, and other possible sources that may help with your or your child mental health improvement.

In Balanced Minds, patients and/or parents/caretakers are active participants in the decision making process of their treatment approach.

We are here to help you and/or your child during difficult times to get the right chemistry balance in the brain, by simultaneously helping you and/or your child build and strengthen coping skills to deal with all obstacles.

In Balanced Minds we expect to allow you and/or your child to develop the maximal potential for a better future.

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